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Using SFTP(Secure File Transfer Protocol) with Filezilla

If you want to use FTP to transfer your files, we would recommend the more secure option of doing this using SFTP (Secure File Transer Protocol).

To do this, firstly you will need to download the ‘Filezilla Client’ - this is a very useful free to download and use tool for transferring files. It is also the recommended option for Cheap Host customers due to its ease of installation and use.

Download links as below:

For Windows - 64 Bit Windows - 32 Bit Windows

For Mac

Connect to the Server with SFTP with Filezilla

To do this you will need to use your main account details - it will not work with creating an FTP account within cPanel.

Using your details from your ‘New Account Information’ email simply input the following details:





To connect to our server just hit ‘Quickconnect

You will now connect to the server - you will see the files load on the right hand pane of the software.

Here you can navigate to whichever folder you need to - usually public_html to manage your files/folders.

Uploading Files to the Server

To upload files to the server you can either:

Navigate to the correct destination on the server that you wish to upload to - on the right hand pane of Filezilla

You can then select your file(s)/folder(s) on your remote machine - on the left hand pane of Filezilla

Once your files are selected there are now two different ways to upload. You can either:

Right-click on the selection and then select ‘Upload’


You can simply drag and drop the selected file(s)/folder(s) from the left hand pane to the destination folder on the right hand pane of the program.

Downloading Files from the Server

If you would like to download files using Filezilla to your local machine:

Prepare your download destination folder on the left hand pane of the program

Next you need to select the file(s)/Folder(s) you would like to download on the server - the right hand pane of Filezilla.

Once selected you can either:

Right Click and select ‘Download’


You can drag and drop the file(s)/folder(s) from the right hand pane (server) to the destination folder left hand pane.

Why use SFTP over FTP?

- FTP is unencrypted and therefore not a secure method of file transfer.

- SFTP was developed about 20 years after FTP, and allows for secure transfer of files using Secure Shell Protocol (SSH).

- SFTP sends ‘packet-based’ information and not ‘text-based’ information like in the case of FTP.

- SFTP only uses one port (port 2302 on our London server and port 22 for the US server) as there is only one server connection being used.

Alternatively you can use File Manager to upload and download files depending on your requirements - see file manager tutorial here.