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Web Hosting for a £1

cPanel price rises have hit the markets recently with hosting providers increasing their charges for a per account basis. This has led to some providers taking up cheaper options. An example of this is Direct Admin which charges a flat fee but gives you really good functionality and GUI capacity in the same way that cPanel used to offer.

This has resulted in all round price increases for cPanel web hosting and this has had to be passed on to the clients to avoid loss making businesses.

We understand this at CHEAP HOST and have kept our prices to you as low as we possibly can. Our fabulous offer is a £1 hosting package for the first year providing you use the coupon offer at our checkout!

Purchase our MINI PACKAGE from CHEAP HOST and we will give you 1GB of disk space including unlimited bandwidth for £15 a year and then take off our fantastic discount of 25% which means you pay £11.25 per for the first year; less than £1 per month!

For your information as a UK based company with a server in Docklands London, we also have a server in Secaucus New Jersey, USA

Why CHEAP HOST for your shared hosting service?

We will offer you cheap web hosting services at a price you can afford; try and find cheaper!

Not only that, we also offer:

  • Cloudlinux servers which are so important to the efficient running of your shared hosting. Your site will be ring-fenced which permits limited resources applied to each account to control the smooth running of the server.

CHEAP HOST websites give you therefore, faster and more secure services

  • Additionally to super fast and stable web hostng platforms, we give you FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates which are essential for online security and it’s said, for your Google ranking factor.

Let’s Encrypt can be installed with OUR CLICK PLUGIN protecting your CHEAP HOST site within moments and even better, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE to you!

  • SSD Hosting – at CHEAP HOST we only use solid state drives (SSD) as there are no moving parts and generally perceived to be faster and much more reliable than  an HDD option. The advantages can be summarised as follows:
  • Faster boot up procedures
  • Copy and write speeds are much faster
  • File opening  - 30% faster
  • No magnetism affect

CHEAP HOST  look to provide clients with the fastest possible website loads at the most economical costs with SSD being an extremely important factor in our offers.

How do we sign up for the CHEAP HOST £1 deal?

It’s really straightforward – go to our shared web hosting offers, pick the MINI PACKAGE offer and the coupon SAVE and your’e away!

If you need to know more, you can talk to us on live chat!

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