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How to Create an Add-on Domain in cPanel

With all the different packages that we offer at Cheap Host, you are able to host more than one domain at the same time within your hosting package. The way this is done within your shared hosting account in cPanel, is through add-on domains.

Change the nameservers

The first step before creating an add-on domain is to update your nameservers to Cheap Host.

The sintrcutions below are for Cheap Host only (we have made other tutorials to use for how to update nameservers with other providers)

client area whmcs select domain

To this from within the Client area select ‘Domains’ --> Click the spanner icon next to your domain

my domain within whmcs client area

Then click ‘Nameservers’ on the left hand side of the screen. You will now see the nameservers box appear on the right hand side of the screen.

Simply fill in the following nameservers to use with Cheap Host: & - for London, UK server

Add Domain as an Add-on Domain in cPanel

Once you have updated your nameservers, its time to login to cPanel.

You can do this from the Client Area or with the instructions in your New Account Information email.

Once Logged in got to Domains ---> Add-on Domains

add-on domain in cpanel

Here you will need to enter your chosen domain name - ensuring there is no whitespace either side if you are copying and pasting this.

create add-on domain

The two other options will be filled in automatcally - Subdomain and Document Root - they can be modified if you know what you are doing here, if necessary.

The Next option is to create an FTP account for uploading your files. You can also upload files in cPanel without using FTP should you wish.

To create the FTP account simply fill out the following fields:

FTP Username

Password - Please consider using the ‘Password Generator’ to ensure the use of a stronger password with FTP

The final Step is to click ‘Add Domain’

Thats it, you have now successfully created an add-on domain in cPanel.

How to Remove an Add-on Domain

If you want to change to a different domain name, or just want to delete an add-on domain from your account, go to Domains --> Add-on Domains

add-on domain in cpanel

You will now see a list of the add-on domains on th page. To delete an add-on domain, select ‘Remove’ from the ‘Actions’ column for the domain you wish to delete.

If you also want to remove the FTP account you have created with the add-on domain, check the box ‘Delete Associated FTP Account’ and then click ‘Remove’

Please Note - After you have gone through the above process to remove and add-on domain, the directory of the add-on domain will need to be deleted manually from within cPanel. Look at our File Manager in cPanel tutorial for more on how to delete folders.