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How take a full backup using the cPanel Backup App

Having access to regular backups is important for the smooth running of every website and email hosting. At Cheap Host we have two separate options for backups.

We have the default cPanel backup and we also run remote backups using Jet Backup.

Within this tutorial we we will be focusing on the default app in cPanel.

How to Download a Full Backup

Firstly login to cPanel either through the Client Area or with your login details from your New Account Information email.

Go to Files --> Backup

backup app cpanel

Then click ‘Download a Full Account Backup’ - this will give a copy of all files, databases and emails in your account.

Alternatively, if you would like to just select certain elements from within your hosting account, you can choose:

  • Partial Backups - Home Directory
  • Download a MySQL Database Backup - and you can select whichever database/s you require
  • Download Email Forwarders
  • Download Email Filters

If you want to download a full backup for example, Click ‘Download A Full Account Backup’

download a full account backup in cpanel

This will then give you four different options for the backup destination:

  • Home Directory
  • Remote FTP Server
  • Remote FTP Server (passive mode transfer)
  • Secure Copy (SCP)

If you use any option other than Home directory, you will need to put in all the particulars of the destination. This includes Remote Server, Remote User, Remote Password, Port and Remote Directory.

If you want to download locally, simply select ‘Home Directory’ and then input an email to notify once the backup has finished.

Once you get this email and refresh the same backup page you will see a link to this backup which you can then simply download to your local machine.

How to Download A Full Backup Using the Backup Wizard

The process is very similar to using the default Backup App.

Simply login to cPanel (as above)

Select Files --> Backup Wizard

backup wizard cpanel

Now use the dropdown box to select your ‘Backup Destination’ as above

Input your notification email address

Then Just click Generate Backup

How to Restore a Full Account Backup

If you need toe restore a full account backup you will need to contact the support team at Cheap Host. Restoring a full account backup requires root level privileges.

You simply need to open a support ticket, and give us the filename of the backup to be restore. We can then action this on your behalf.

Inadequate Disk Space within cPanel to Perform a Full Account Backup

If you are using one of our lower hosting account packages and do not have enough disk space to make the backup, please contact the team at support.

We can temporarily increase your disk space to enable you to carry out a full account backup.

Couldn’t Write to Remote File: Failure

If you get this error when trying to complete a full backup to a remote server - this could be a disk space issue or a permissions problem.