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August 5, 2017, Written by 0 comment

If you are looking for a specialist WordPress web hosting company in the UK then please look no further. Our cPanel shared hosting service comes with a one click install for WordPress and you can get your WordPress website or blog up and running in seconds.

Amongst web designers and also DIY web enthusiasts WordPress has become the industry standard with over a quarter of the web using this great CMS platform.

Why Choose WordPress?

There are so many reasons to pick WordPress as your CMS platform to run your website or blog.

Web Templates – One of the main reasons is the thousands of great free template web designs that are available. The majority of these will also be fully responsive making them ‘Google Friendly’ and they can be easily modified in terms of look and quite easily made into online shops, classified advert sites and much more.

Free Plugins – One of the great things about using WordPress is the sheer amount of plugins that are available to use, and in many cases FREE. This means a user can substitute an expensive coder, simply by adding a plugin to their website to do a complicated job. This might be adding a booking system, a classified advert plugin and much more which are available through the WordPress plugin repository.

Search Engine Friendly – Whether you are targeting Google, Yahoo, Bing or all three, WordPress delivers for the search engines. Some of the main reasons is that all the different search engine requirements can be very easily integrated. These include:

  • XML Sitemaps
  • Blogs
  • Categories, tags and menus
  • Social Media
  • Responsive Design
  • Plugins to optimize speed of websites

Huge Community –WordPress websites now account for more than 25% of the entire internet. This is great news for website owners and developers, as it means there is a huge amount of forums and online communities dedicated to troubleshooting and improving the platform. Whether you need support for a particular issue, or if you would like to learn more through online guides and tutorials, you can find it all online very easily.

WordPress Security – This is one area that does need improving with WordPress. Having said this, by following some easy online tutorials, anyone can ensure that their WordPress is safe from hackers who are continuously trying to exploit loopholes within the different versions and plugins.

It is great for use for personal or business blogs, business websites and even e-commerce. At  Cheap Host we have fully trained staff that can assist you to harden your WordPress installations to ensure that you do not get issues in this department.

If you prefer we can easily just point you in the direction of some easy to follow Cheap Host tutorials on the subject, to help keep your sites free from any malicious code.

We also recommend to clients that do make use of add-on domains, that they pay particular attention to WordPress hardening.

We have a range of WordPress hosting offers to choose from with great discounts available.

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