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$1 Dollar Web Hosting Deal

With the latest cPanel price increases after moving to a per account pricing model, many hosting providers have either increased their prices, or moved to cheaper alternatives. One such example is Direct Admin which offers a great GUI and functionality, but charges a flat fee, similar to cPanel has always offered previously.

The upshot of this is that prices have now increased across the board for cPanel shared web hosting, as providers have to pass this cost on to the client in order to balance their books.

However, at CHEAP HOST, we have tried to keep our prices as low as possible. Therefore we can still offer a $1 hosting package for your first years hosting with us, when you use coupon SAVE at checkout!

When you purchase the MINI PACKAGE with us, we can still offer 1GB disk space with unlimited bandwidth for £12 per YEAR, minus a whopping 25% discount, which works out to £9; way less than $1 per month!

Although we are based in the UK, we have servers in Docklands, London, UK and also Secaucus, New Jersey, US.

Why Choose Our Shared Hosting Service?

If you want cheap web hosting services, but at the same time don’t want to pay a premium price then look no further!

In addition to price we also offer:

Cloudlinux Servers - To run an efficient shared hosting service, Cloudlinux is pretty much essential. Each customer is isolated in a caged environment. This means that all users are basically partitioned, which allows us to limit resources per account, and thus allowing for a very smooth running server.

This means that when you host your website/s with CHEAP HOST, you get a much faster and secure web hosting service.

SSL Certificates - In addition to a SUPER fast and stable hosting platform, we also completely FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates. SSL is now becoming a must have on line for both security and it has also long been rumoured to be a ranking factor with Google.

You can install Let’s Encrypt with our ONE CLICK PLUGIN, so you can protect your site in seconds with CHEAP HOST, and better still completely FREE OF CHARGE!

SSD Hosting - We only use solid state drives (SSD) at CHEAP HOST. With no moving parts, SSD drives are widely regarded as being much faster and reliable than the HDD alternative. Some of the main advantages include:

  • Faster boot up times
  • Much Faster Write/Copy Speeds
  • 30% Faster File Opening Speeds
  • Not Affected by Magnetism

We aim to provide our clients with the fastest loading websites at the most affordable prices. SSD is an integral part of this.

Signing Up for the $1 Web Hosting Deal

If you’ve read enough and would like to sign up for your $1 per month hosting deal, simply head over to our shared web hosting deals, select the MINI PACKAGE and use coupon SAVE. It’s that easy!

If you have any pre-sale enquiries, please get us on live chat!

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