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Managed WordPress Hosting

September 11, 2017, Written by 0 comment

What is managed WordPress Hosting?

Basically the managed WordPress hosting service that we offer encompasses all the technical areas associated with using and running a website on the WordPress platform. This entails things like:

Updating WordPress – making the sure that the latest version of WordPress is being used at all times.

Updating Plugins – making sure that plugins are updated regularly to ensure there are no loop holes left for hackers.

Security – There are many different ways that your WordPress can be hardened to ensure that life is made very difficult to gain access to your website. Working alongside Cheap Host we can make sure that all the best security options are used to make your website like a virtual ‘Fort Knox’ for would be hackers out there!

Website Speed – Often overlooked by a large number of webmasters, but becoming increasingly important, especially as more users move on to the handheld devices. We have a team of experts with many years of experience in making WordPress websites run fast.

Backups – Another aspect of running a website that is often overlooked, we can create daily or weekly backups of your entire home directory or website to make sure that you always have something to revert back to easily, should you ever need to in the future.

Great Support – Choosing the managed WP hosting service, you will receive a great support service for all your WordPress needs.

This is a service that we have started to offer by popular demand. This gives customers for a higher fee a completely hands free approach to their website where maintenance and updates are concerned and even further if need be.

Many of our clients are simply too busy and are happy to pay a little bit extra for the smooth running of their website. We have found over the years of hosting that quite a lot of clients do start off with the best intentions with maintenance, however the slightest lapse in this can be very problematic.

One of the issues with WordPress is that it does have issues with security and so it is therefore very important to keep up to date with all the latest updates not just to WordPress and also plugins.

Why Use us for Managed WordPress Hosting

Blazing Fast Hosting – We know all the little tricks and tips to ensure that your site runs as fast as possibly. This is great news for users and also your Google rankings!

Security – As previously mentioned as great as WordPress is, security is not its strongest point and so keeping on top of this is paramount not only for rankings but also downtime and potentially even getting your site blacklisted depending on who manages to sneak through!

Regular Backups – Keeping backups is a must for any website owner and so having a company that ensures you have many different restore points available

Great Support – Although running everything on your own can save money, in many instances you cannot beat a specialist and this is where managed WP hosting can really save a lot of time, and time = money!

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