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October 1, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Are you looking to get your business online but are on a budget? Well we are the perfect choice for budget web hosting in the UK. Many companies in the UK simply do not offer enough flexible hosting packages for clients that are looking for that small budget package. Of course when you take out a cheaper package you know that you will have to compromise on some aspects such as less bandwidth and less disk space, but this does suit many requirements.

Some customers that we speak to just need a very basic online presence and in many cases they just require a simple information page so they can add the details to their stationary etc. If these sites get little traffic and they are not actively working them with SEO etc. then our small budget web hosting packages can be found HERE.

Ideal for this scenario it ticks all the boxes for a very small business starting out on the web. Our packages are also very flexible, in the respect that we can talior a package to suit your needs in terms of disk space and bandwidth and so if our MINI Package doesnt suit you or you would like something slightly different, the please do still get in touch with our web hosting team.

Order the MINI Package directly HERE

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