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Best Shared Hosting UK

November 13, 2017, Written by 0 comment

We believe that our hosting service is the best shared hosting service you will find in the UK! If you are looking for real value for money, a stable service and good customer service that you can count on then you have come to the right place. We have a live chat system as well as 5-15 minute response times via support ticket so you can be assured that you issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently at all times. Without a doubt one of the best things about our service is the affordable prices that we offer!

£10 for a year on our mini package for example!

Quite often many of the major hosting companies will not entertain some cheap hosting options and this really doesn’t suit a lot of clients from the feedback we receive.

PBN Hosting

Some clients are using hosting just for SEO purposes and getting some IP diversity in their hosting. In this example if the client is looking to build a private blog network or PBN then choosing one of the main web hosts for all of their network will end up costing them a small fortune! Going for an option such as we provide on the other hand will work out very well and so in this instance will make more sense for a client.

Low Traffic / Information Site Hosting

We also hear from clients that are running very low traffic or information websites, who really don’t need to use half the bandwidth and disk space that we offer on our larger plans. In this case there is not really much point in taking our £25 per year package for example. Again this is another option that would be far better suited for either our £10 or £15 per year shared hosting package.

Purchasing the Shared Hosting Package

If you would like to take advantage of any of the great offers that we currently run on shared hosting then please click HERE to choose any of the great offers that we have available. Just use the coupon ‘BOOM’ and get a 10% discount for your troubles on top!!

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