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Best Shared Hosting Services

August 6, 2017, Written by 0 comment

UK & US Shared Web Hosting

When you come to the stage to putting your website online, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some of the main options that you will see are dedicated, shared or VPS hosting. The cheapest, simplest and in many cases the most suitable for small online businesses is shared web hosting.

Essentially shared hosting is one web server hosting multiple websites. On a traditional shared hosting server you won’t be aware of the other websites you are sharing the server with. As well as sharing the location you also share the resources that the server provides.

If the server is managed correctly and not overloaded with websites, the shared server can be a very cost effective and stable method of hosting the website for your online business. At Cheap Host we ensure this is always the case, to guarantee the smooth operation of your website online.

We are confident this is always the case with our shared hosting servers and do encourage web hosting customers to monitor their own sites via some of the handy FREE online tools such as Uptime Robot and Pingdom.

Get your unique IP address

There is an additional option we provide for clients that are concerned as to who they share an IP with. We sell dedicated IP addresses, which are charged at a very low monthly fee. This can also be a popular option for clients that would like to host multiple sites with us on different IP addresses.

This will ensure that you only share your IP address with whichever sites you choose to (for example if you are utilizing add-on domains on your website). This is just an extra layer of insurance for those that are concerned their search engine rankings maybe adversely affected by using shared web hosting.

If you are looking for some of the best shared hosting services on offer in the UK then make sure you choose Cheap Host. We have two different options for servers in the UK, one in the London area and also one in Lincoln.

We have also added a new server in the US. The server location in based in Los Angeles, making it a great option for clients that are looking for a bit more IP diversity, or for those clients that are targeting the US market with their SEO.

FREE SSL certificates with Cheap Host

Another benefit to our cheap hosting service is that we also offer all our clients a FREE SSL certificate which will not only mean that your site is more secure but currently also gives a slight boost to your website rankings.

We have a range of reasonably priced and affordable web hosting offers which you can view on the web hosting packages page.

Customers that would like a more bespoke hosting package can also get in touch and we can always work a tailored package out for your needs. We run a live chat facility for clients and our customer service is 24/7.

Sign up to the best shared web hosting services at bargain basement prices!


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