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SSL Certificates

May 21, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Secure your Business Online with an SSL certificate

In years gone by SSL certificates were mainly used by online shops and people that were more security conscious online. However now they are being pushed a lot more to make the web much more secure and Google has not come out and listed SSL as a ranking factor, which has meant that the growth of SSL has been huge over the last year.

The FREE SSL Certificate

If you dont already have an SSL certificate then it is probably a good idea to start considering this for your online business, no matter what niche you in. Added to this we also have a very easy to use one click install FREE SSL certifcate available on our shared cpanel web hosting service when you sign up.

The free SSL certificates are available to all but having the ease of installation that we have in place makes in very simple

If you would like a different paid SSL option then we offer these as well but you would need to contact us directly for this

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