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SSL Certificates

May 21, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Secure your Business Online with an SSL certificate

In years gone by SSL certificates were mainly used by online shops and people that were more security conscious online.

However now they are being pushed a lot more to make the web much more secure and Google has not come out and listed SSL as a ranking factor, which has meant that the growth of SSL has been huge over the last year

There are however some SEO considerations that you will need to take into account, especially if your site is working well in the organic rankings of Google. Please see John Mueller’s Google + FAQ’s for some useful points to consider when making the switch to SSL and https://.

Which WordPress SSL plugin?

For those clients that are using WordPress, luckily there are many plugins that do a lot of the work for you, where changing the settings are concerned.

One plugin that we recommend clients to use is ‘Really Simple SSL’. This plugin has more than 700,000 installations and is five star rated. There of course many others that will do the job as well, but there are literally too many to list here.

Two of the other important things to bear in mind in making all your links relative, and this also involves your style sheets. If you don’t take care of this you will get a warning symbol attached to the padlock, which basically means your site still has unsecured elements on the page.

Although we recommend clients to make this switch. We would also recommend being prepared so that you don’t get adversely affected by carrying out the installation.

The FREE SSL Certificate

If you don’t already have an SSL certificate then it is probably a good idea to start considering this for your online business, no matter what niche you in. Added to this we also have a very easy to use one click install FREE SSL certificate available on our shared cPanel web hosting service when you sign up.

The plugin that we currently offer is created by Lets Encrypt, which was originally launched in April 2016 by the nonprofit Internet Research Security Group (IRSG). The goal of IRSG is to make the internet more secure and more respectful of privacy.

The free SSL certificates are available to all but having the ease of installation that we have in place makes in very simple

If you would like a different paid SSL option then we offer these as well but you would need to contact us directly for this

Paid SSL Certificates

If you would prefer a paid SSL certificate then we can also offer you a range of Comodo SSL certificates at some of the cheapest prices you will find anywhere on the internet.

If you would like to enquire about this service, please feel free to drop us a contact form, email or just connect with us through our live-chat facility which is manned 18 hours a day of sales and technical support.


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