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How to Login to Webmail

March 23, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Webmail is a web based email that comes with all shared cPanel hosting accounts at Cheap Host. This allows clients to access email via their shared hosting account with using a third party service such as Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or Apple Mail for example.

This gives clients a good backup system if they are having an issue with their 3rd party provider, and this gives clients a way to access emails directly on the server. It is worth bearing in mind that when you delete from webmail you are deleting from the server. This differs from say POP accounts, where you have a buffer between what you are deleting from your 3rd party inbox.

Webmail Method 1

In order to use this service you will simply need to use either: or

Please note: If you have an SSL certificate installed on the domain, you find it difficult to use the above method. If this is the case then please use:

Once you have done the above you will be prompted for your username and password. Simply input these details and press enter and you will be into webmail. Here you have three different options to choose from Squirrel Mail, Roundcube and Horde. We will look at these options in more detail later. But essentially this is how easy it is to access all of your emails from wherever you are using webmail!

Webmail Method 2

This method can be accessed through your cPanel account and so is a slightly longer winded way of access your emails.

  1. Firstly you will need to login in to cPanel using your hosting account details.
  2. Secondly under the tab “Email”, you will need to click on “Email Accounts”
  3. Thirdly you will need to scroll down the page to the heading “Email Accounts”. Here you will see all your email accounts that have been set up.
  4. Now click simply click on the tab “More” on the far right of the chose email account. From here just click on “Access Email”

You will now be taken to the webmail version choices screen. Now simply choose your desired email client (Squirrel Mail, Roundcube or Horde.)

We would usually recommend clients that are using our lower packages to use a 3rd party email client and POP3 accounts when setting up their emails.

This allows for managing disk space more efficiently through storing the bulk of your email on your local machine and then periodically deleting email from the server.

Changing you Webmail Password

There are various reasons that clients change their email passwords, and in some cases it can be a good idea to do from time to time as a matter of caution.

If you would like to change your webmail password, then please follow Webmail Method 2 and when you get to the 3rd point simply click on change password.

You will then be prompted to use a very secure computer generated or your own password.

We would recommend if using your own password that you use at least one capital letter, a number and one special character as a minimum.

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