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Green Eco Web Hosting

August 12, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Going green is not always something that people would associate with website hosting, but at Cheap Host always try to be as green as possible when it comes to providing our hosting packages to clients.

Making sure that your website stays online 24/7/365, means that power is required constantly to maintain this. It is how this achieved that is the important part. We embrace change and focus on what we can do, in order to stay as energy efficient as possible as a web hosting company.

Some of the different things that we at Cheap Host do to provide eco web hosting include:

  • We use the some of the most energy efficient servers on the market across our datacenters.
  • We ensure that our system is completely paperless and so nothing in our offices gets printed unnecessarily
  • Our offices contain some of the most energy efficient pc’s and computing equipment and we are always on the lookout for new energy saving options
  • Staff are employed by us remotely to avoid travel costs and unnecessary pollution of the environment

The total power using for web hosting around the globe

Different publications will no doubt give different figures. However, one piece that we have come across in the New York Times has reported that digital warehouses across the world consume upwards of 30 billion watts of electricity. This is said to be equivalent to the electricity used in 30 nuclear power plants! Other publications have stated that the datacenter industry in the US uses as much as 2% of the entire power used in the US.

For an industry that has only been around for little over twenty years, this really is a huge amount. And it is growing!

The growth of renewable energy

Moving forward renewable energy is becoming the biggest source of new energy, and we do seem to be entering into a new era where renewables are concerned. In 2016 alone it is reported that renewable energy accounted for two thirds of new power that was added back into the grid. This in itself is a huge step forward, even from several years ago.

The types of renewable energy used differ from country to country and are linked to which is more suited to the individual climate of the country in question. Although Solar power is rapidly expanding in many countries, the UK for example doesn’t have the most positive outlook for this form of renewable moving forward in the next five years. Currently wind farms are a large asset for the UK in terms of renewables, providing about a third of the UK’s electricity in three months during 2017.

At Cheap Host we always try to keep our fingers on the pulse when it comes to different ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, and always strive to improve, keeping our hosting company as green as we can!

There are no doubt other hosting companies that go further than we do when it comes to eco hosting but as small uk website hosting company we always make sure that we do our best for the environment!


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