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Cheap Cpanel Web Hosting Offer

August 14, 2017, Written by 0 comment

If you are looking for some cheap UK cpanel web hosting, then please take a look at our rock solid hosting services. We have servers in London and Lincoln which are both fully loaded with all the software you could want. We are running another half price offer this week for our cpanel hosting which can be accessed easily in the shopping cart area of the website by simply using coupon code ’50 OFF’. This will get you a great half price offer on your first years hosting with Cheap Host!

Benefits to Using Cpanel

There are many benefits to using cpanel, but chief among them is it’s great graphical interface, making it very easy to use and navigate around. Second to this would be the huge array of features which come as standard and some which are added on top. This includes things like checking traffic with AWStats. Cpanel also has a very easy to use file manager option to make uploading, downloading and editing files very simple and straightforward.

There are also come other great options such as the new one click SSL option to add that added security to your site and hopefully give your rankings a little push at the same time.

Finally because Cpanel has really become the industry standard web designers in the main are all used to using it and it keeps things consistent.

To get your cheap cpanel hosting today please order from the packages listed here

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