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Get Your First Years Hosting for $5

March 12, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Buy your $5 web hosting today

Today we bring to you another couple of great offers for those looking to take advantage! Each and every week we are giving clients and new customers the chance to access our hosting packages at rock bottom prices, with some fantastic special offers!

We are offering our mini web hosting package which we have recently upgraded to a 500 MB storage space and 5GB bandwidth!

Running more than one website not using a lot of bandwidth? Then we offer 2 add-on domains in this package as well!

Our mini web hosting deal usually retails at £10 per year, or approximately $14 dollars. By using the hosting coupon 5DOLLAR you can get a whopping discount of $9 for your first year hosting with Cheap Host.

This offer is valid today only with coupon code 5DOLLAR. Simply click this link to take you to the order section and from here you can make payment and get up and running straight away!!

What do you get for your $5 web hosting deal

Included in your web hosting package as well as the above disk space and bandwidth, you will also get unlimited email addresses, unlimited mySQL databases and unlimited sub-domains.

Not only this but you will also benefit from our fully loaded cPanel hosting platform. This means you get great control over your websites on the server with a simple graphical user interface that can be learned in minutes.

Some of the popular features include:

Website Tracking – You will be able to monitor who is looking at your site, how often, the keywords that are being used, which countries your visitors are coming from and much more through the popular AWstats and another favourite Webalizer.

Security – One of the things we have at Cheap Host that you wont neceassrily find offered my many other web hosting companies, is the one-click FREE installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates. Even if you are not running an e-commerce website, this has been recently added as a ranking factor by Google and so there is even more incentive now to make sure your website is using an SSL certificate.

Other than your SSL certificate there are many other cool security features on cPanel such as simple IP blocking, which can come in very hand if your IP is under attack. Then you have the ability to easily password protect directories. There are also some orther handy methods to protect your website such as HotLink Protection, Leech Protect and ModSecurity.

All of these things combined make beefing up security and keeping on top of threats simple even for the non-technical webmaster.

Regular Back-ups – An added bonus on the easy to use interface is the on-click back up facility that we have installed. This helps ensure that you never get caught out if files are mistakenly deleted or overwritten for example. You backup can be downloaded directly to your desktop or even sent via email.

Any questions about this then please contact our friendly team who are on hand to deal with enquiries and problems

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