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Get your First Years Hosting for $10

March 12, 2017, Written by 0 comment

One of our main aims as a hosting company is to make sure that our clients get the best value for money hosting services available. Our great offer today from the team at Cheap Web Hosting means that when you sing up with our service you will get your first years web hosting for $10!

That translates at the time of writing to about £8!

Simply use the coupon code 10DOLLAR on our easy to use order form, checkout and pay and your login details will be sent out automatically within a couple of minutes.

It really is that simple!

Within the new account email you will get notification of which server you have chosen with us. Current options include London, Lincoln and Los Angeles.

It will also give you the ftp details, the temporary cPanel login (before nameservers have propagated) and of course the nameservers which you will need to change in your domain control panel to point to our server.

Will the $10 hosting be enough for my needs?

This will really depend on what your requirements are and is a question that we get asked frequently.

The Disk Space

With the mini package ($10 with coupon), you get 500MB in disk space.

This is fine if your website is made in something like HTML coding. It is also fine for many simple WordPress themes. However, if you plan on running some of the fancy premium WordPress themes for example, then the space would be pretty borderline.

The package also comes with unlimited email. We find that some clients let their emails build up considerably on the server, especially when using IMAP for example.

If you have a lot of experience with web hosting in general, then in many cases 500mb will suffice.

The Bandwidth

The mini hosting package comes with 5GB of bandwidth.

Here we need to consider the traffic and amount of interaction on the website. A site with good Google rankings or using a Google Adwords campaign would probably burn through this amount of bandwidth and then some within a month.

We usually advise clients to check their old bandwidth on their previous server on something like AWstats, to get an idea of monthly usages.

The other option is simply to try this package and see what you are using per month. If it turns out that you exceeding this amount, we can upgrade you to the basic web hosting package for the difference in price.

If you don’t know where to look on your system to work out what your current usage is, then one of our customer support agents can help you with this by giving your existing login details, or also via a screen sharing application such as TeamViewer.

Our servers are some of the fastest you will find and we provide a good support system for all clients with queries and problems

Get in touch with Cheap Web Hosting today for all your hosting needs!

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