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Best Web Hosting for Small Business

August 9, 2017, Written by 0 comment

You have a small business with no website – why?!!  

You need to get your business online  – you are missing out on the vast numbers of potential clients trawling the internet for businesses like yours.  

Maybe the thought of setting up your own website frightens you? Fear not, there are many options with simple tools to make your dream come true. You just need to choose the right web hosting service. 

So what’s it all about? 

Web hosting companies have servers that keep all your files, video, audio and documents which make up your web site. These servers come in different guises – they can be dedicated just for you or shared with others or of a virtual variety.  

Of course, there are many web hosting companies competing for your business from large to very small set ups.  

There are no shortcuts, you need to review carefully what they have to offer especially if you are looking for a budget deal. You get what you pay for  – they all offer ranges from budget to expensive packages but you need to see what is included that best suits you. 

A dedicated server is the most expensive route – clearly this would give you 100% of the resources. Be aware though, unless it is a managed server you will have to maintain it yourself. Managed servers will cost even more. 

VPS hosting is a cheaper option  – it falls between dedicated and shared hosting. You won’t be sharing resources with other users. You will have your own section with your own operating system, RAM, storage and data transfer. You will get a more stable environment and performance. Expected costs are in the range of £20 – £30 a month 

Look carefully at the pricing scales  – some companies charge more for web site builders to access your site for web design. Some make you commit to a 3 year deal offering a cheap deal to get you on board. Some start low and then move up to a higher charge. As it’s your first foray into this new world, you might not want to be committed to a long term deal 

So what do you need to look for? 

Make a list of the features that are essential for you. Examples are: 

  • 24/7 customer support
  • What operating system is used? Windows based? Linux based?
  • Unlimited monthly data transfers
  • Hard drive storage or solid state
  • Secure Sockets Layer certificate – this secures purchasing information for sites selling products – this may be included for free or maybe there’s a charge?
  • Uptime guarantees – your site is of no use if it’s down!! Potential customers are not going to find you! This is probably the most important fact in your choice of hosting company.    

So, you’re ready to get going!  Go to our web hosting packages page, and look at some of great affordable web hosting deals we have.

You can sign up very quickly, choose your package and then pay. Within a few minutes you will your web hosting particulars sent automatically to your email. Its that easy!

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